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The Safari Rally

The Safari Rally holds historical significance in Uganda’s motorsport landscape. Historically, the Safari Rally was a prestigious event within the global motorsport calendar and was a part of the World Rally Championship (WRC).

Iconic Motorsport event in Uganda

In Uganda, the East African Safari Rally was an iconic motorsport event that traversed across several East African countries, including Uganda. The rally was known for its challenging terrain, demanding tracks, and unpredictable weather conditions, making it one of the toughest rallies in the world.

Overview of Motorsport in Uganda


Rallying is a prominent aspect of Ugandan motorsport. Events like the Pearl of Africa Uganda Rally and the Kabalega Rally are part of the national rally championship. These rallies often take place on diverse terrains, including gravel roads and challenging off-road tracks.

Autocross and Sprint Events

Autocross and sprint events are popular among motorsport enthusiasts. These competitions involve shorter, timed events on circuits or off-road tracks, allowing drivers to showcase their skills in a more controlled environment.

Hill Climbs

Hill climb events are gaining traction in Uganda. These competitions involve racing up steep inclines against the clock, testing both the vehicle’s performance and the driver’s ability to navigate challenging terrain.

Motorcycle Racing

Motorcycle racing, including motocross and supercross, has a dedicated following in Uganda. Events like the National Motocross Championship attract riders and fans from across the country.

Community Engagement

Motorsport events in Uganda often involve local communities, attracting spectators and participants from various backgrounds. These events serve as a source of entertainment and bring people together to celebrate the thrill of motorsport.

Youth Development

Efforts are made to involve young drivers and riders in motorsport through youth-oriented programs and competitions. These initiatives aim to nurture talent from an early age and provide opportunities for aspiring racers to enter the motorsport scene.